This information is intended for general education purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical advice.
We encourage you to visit our office to receive caring, confidential support. 
How do I tell him?

Will my family understand?

How will I finish school?

How will I continue working?

Where will I live?

I don't have medical insurance.

I can't afford a child.

I'm too young......
What now?
Who can  I turn to?
Scared? Alone? You don't have to be. We're here to help!

An unplanned pregnancy brings some truly difficult decisions, but we can help you understand your options. Our volunteer counselors know your situation is unique. We're here to provide you with education and resources to make an informed choice.

What Our Clients are saying....

“I never felt pressured, only informed of my choices.  The center was very welcoming and I did not feel judged or criticized.” – Client ‘A’

“They provided me with the useful resources and educational material to help me make an informed decision.” –Client ‘S’

 “I felt completely hopeless but after talking with the counselors at ODPC, I have hope again.  Thank you for your encouragement and support.” – Client ‘K’

“The center was a very personal and comfortable refuge to sort through all my options” – Client ‘B’

 “I did not feel judged or pressured into making a quick decision about my unexpected pregnancy.  The center is like a safe haven and the counselors genuinely care” – Client ‘L’

“I felt like I could talk to someone about how I was feeling” –Client ‘C’

“Because of Open Door’s WOW Program, I don’t have to worry about my child having formula or diapers,” 
– Client ‘M’

“The center is completely confidential & everyone is so friendly.” – Client ‘P’

“All my friends were giving me mixed information and telling me abortion was the only answer because I’m so young, but the Open Door Pregnancy Center helped me understand the facts and decide for myself instead of giving in to peer pressure. .” – Client  ‘T’

“Open Door Pregnancy is a good place for families and single mothers who need help. …I recommend this place to anyone and everyone. It’s just amazing!”  – Client  ‘N’

"..... I called 
The Open Door Pregnancy Center  and  I was not judged or asked a lot of questions.  I received help right then and received loving and caring attitudes from 
all the staff."

– Client ‘D’